Here are some of the things that our members say about the benefits of membership:

“LES has given me an opportunity to interact with experts across the wide range of innovation practitioners – academics, professionals, people in industry and government. I learn what is going on and what people are doing.”

“I like LES because it provides enjoyable events in informal settings. Also there is the newsletter, which is one of the best things about the society.”

“For me the main benefit over the years has been the newsletter.  It helps me keep aware of, and see informed comment on, developments in areas outside my usual field – such as trade mark rulings and new legislation. As a non-professional in law, accountancy or patents, I would otherwise find it difficult to keep up. LES provides the informed comment that you can’t easily find elsewhere – especially with the perspective of a commercial licensing executive that can be quite different from a purely legal view.”

“Through LES I have established a great network with access to potential licensees and licensors, and to colleagues who provide skilled sounding boards.. I have also made friends around the world. As an LESI trainer I come into contact with younger members around the world, and this gives me an opportunity to give something back.”

“Some of the projects I get involved in require input from accountants, corporate solicitors, patent attorneys and technologists. LES enables me to mix regularly with these kind of people in a relaxed context, which helps me work with the team on formal projects. It makes us more effective. i also get to find out how other businesses are thriving in my area.”

LES gives me an opportunity to network with my peers and keep up to date with latest developments in other jurisdictions.”

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