What are the Qualifications for Membership?

Membership of LES Britain and Ireland is open to any person who is a resident of the United Kingdom or the Irish Republic and has a genuine professional interest in the commercialisation of intellectual property rights.

Membership is also open to residents of other countries in appropriate cases, for example in the case where there is no local society.

All membership applications are scrutinised by the Membership Committee and submitted with the recommendations of the Committee to the Council of the Society. The approval of Council is required before any person can be accepted for membership. Acceptance is notified by the Membership Committee to the applicant.

There may be a delay of up to two or three weeks between making application for membership and being notified of acceptance.

An application for membership must be accompanied by a fully completed application form and the required payment. If there is any omission Council may not be able to consider the application, and this may result in the application form being returned for completion.

Persons who are suitable for membership include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  • licensing and technology transfer consultants,
  • industrial employees involved in acquiring or selling corporate technology,
  • university licensing personnel and technology transfer officers,
  • proprietors and managers of intellectual property-based companies,
  • academics working in the field of intellectual property,
  • public officials in departments dealing with intellectual property matters,
  • agents for character merchandising and other intellectual property rights,
  • patent and trade mark attorneys,
  • solicitors and barristers practising in intellectual property,
  • accountants involved in the valuation of intellectual property,
  • intellectual property information consultants.


Also see Benefits of Membership and How Do I Join.

Corporate Membership is also available for Industrial Companies, Universities, Law, Patent and Trade Mark Firms.
Companies can elect to pay for, and to designate, up to 2 members, or up to 10 members, on a reduced fee basis (see How Do I Join). The designated members have all of the benefits of individual membership. In addition other members of the company’s staff have selected benefits. See Benefits of Membership.