Get Support from the Society and Other Members

An objective of LES B&I is to encourage and assist participation in licensing, technology transfer and commercialisation of intellectual property.

Many of our members have many years practical involvement in licensing. Others are at the start of their careers. In both cases there is a benefit to sharing experiences and obtaining guidance and information from other members.

The society provides formal mentoring for members. Let us know what it is that you wish to achieve and we will match you up with an experienced mentor. We will help you grow, make your career decisions, and develop your expertise.

The society also provides ad hoc assistance for members, whether in making personal career decisions, or in solving problems or seeking information to assist with actual work issues.

Ask us what you want us to do. If we can, we will direct you to resources or to other members – confidentially, and without cost. We just want to help our members. That is what we are here for – mentoring and support.

In the first instance, contact our admin: Northern Networking.

Much of mentoring and support is tied in with education and networking, so make sure that you also look at our education, meeting and publication activities. Also have a look at LES International and our international publication.

For information about, or help with, licensing see Licensing Help.

Also see Young Members.