What are the Benefits of Membership?

1. The Society provides a unique opportunity to meet and to share experiences with licensing professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, from legal advisers to hands on technologists.

2. You will have your name, contact details, and self-entered information about your expertise, qualifications and interests, in the global networking International Directory of worldwide members of LES societies. (You may opt out if you wish)

3. You will receive, or have access to:

• the quarterly journal of LES International – Les Nouvelles, £150 savings

• the searchable on-line archive of Les Nouvelles

• the searchable International Directory of worldwide members of LES societies.

4. You will receive notices of all LES B&I meetings

5. You can attend meetings organised by other LES societies in other countries, and also the annual International Conference organised by LES International, at the member rate.

6. You can involve yourself with the activities of the committees of LES Britain & Ireland, and also committees of LES International.

7. You will have access to specialist licensing publications produced by LES Britain & Ireland, other LES societies and LES International.

8. You can attend specialised education courses run by LES Britain & Ireland and LES International.

9. You can obtain structured support and mentoring from other members.

10. Memer rate at all other LES Society events, including the LESI Annual Conference savings at least $200.

Corporate Membership entitles the designated members to all of the above benefits.

Also see Members Comments and How Do I Join.