LES members are interested in the commercialisation of intellectual property and intellectual assets. That leads to involvement in valuation of this kind of intangible, but very important, property.

LES often has meetings in which valuation issues are discussed and there are articles on the subject in LESI publications.

As of December 2019 we will be launching an IP Valuation Committee to work with the LESI Valuation Committee on valuation issues of interest to LES members.  Members are welcome to get involved in that initiative.

There is a detailed discussion of Valuation on the web site of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) here.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) also provides basic information on valuing intellectual property here.

PRESS RELEASE – 22 January 2021


Award-winning, global IP and brand law consultancy, Stobbs, are excited to announce the launch of iaidō – innovative technology built to improve the scope and value of brands and their associated intangible assets by using their big data to blend real-time consumer purchasing patterns with their brand IP to track the effectiveness of trademark portfolios. Read more…

Iaidō will be very important for future work on the valuation and licensing of assets. It is my view that iaidō will greatly assist clients and businesses better management and obtain excess return on investments made in their respective intangible assets.”  Dr  Fernando Da Cruz Vasconcellos – Chair LES B&I Intangible Assets Management and IP Valuation Committee